About Us

We are a new TV show intended to educate English speaking audience; both Muslims and non-Muslims, on the teachings and doctrines of Islam. The show is designed to be both informative and apologetic in nature in terms of its analysis and exposure of the many important Islamic issues and objections; such as The Revelation of Islam, The Qur’an, Treatment of People of Other faith, Status of Women, Sharia Law, Freedom & Democracy, Jihad, The Person and Mission of Muhammad, and Hadith, to name a few. The show will also deal with theological and apologitical issues; such as the Prophethood of Muhammad, The Divine Authority of the Qur’an, and varying Biblical Views and Teachings.

The show is hosted by Al Fadi, a former Wahabbi Muslim from Saudi Arabia, now a follower of Christ. In addition to Al Fadi’s intimate knowledge of Islam and tis message, teachings, and claims, from time to time expert guests on the topic of Islam and Islamic Apologetics will participate in the show to share their expertise as well.

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